Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Change of Plans

The plan had been for my sister Debbie & her husband Russ to try and fly standby to New York to visit our friend Lauren but it didn't work out. Since we had the time off & Debbie & Russ had a babysitter we did our backup plan. We drove to California instead, and although we were extremely disappointed about not being in New York & seeing our friends, but you can only be sad in San Diego so long.
Debbie & Russ got iphones and Debbie is a instagraming fiend so these are all her pictures & you might have already seen them at her blog she broke them down by day I am just going to do one huge one. 

On our way out of town we decided to stop at Lo-Lo's in Phoenix

 Which is kind of funny since we normally go to Roscoe's Chicken & waffle when in California. I have said before & I will say it again I like Lo-Lo's waffles better. 
 Debbie finally got a picture of the big creepy baby that you pass when leaving Phoenix heading to California. Way to be creepy Phoenix!
 Friday we went to Coronado Russ had some friends who were staying there
 We went to lunch and hung out on the beach
 Here is Russ trying to get Debbie into the water, Debbie does not get into cold water
 I spent my time looking for sea shells

 Saturday was got up and went and saw X-Men First Class
Mr. McAvoy & Fassbender in vintage clothes was delightful! A comic book movie that can make me emotional is a GOOD comic book movie!
 Then we went to Torrey Pines beach.

While looking for sea shells the day before my hair kept getting in the way. So I got a scarf to wear to keep my hair pulled back. I had a lot of fun putting it on different ways.  
 I had brought a few beach options and here I am wearing all of them at once and looking like a pirate. 

 After the beach we headed to La Jolla for dinner. This also were I dropped Russ's iphone on the sidewalk and gasped so loud I think I gave everyone with in a block a heart attack. Thankfully the phone was alright and we could laugh about it instead of cry. 

 If you have plans to go to dinner with Debbie & Russ I would wait till their phones are not new anymore or you will spend you meal looking at this.

I had a great time & realized I needed a holiday. I learned that I am way more relaxed & laugh a lot more while on vacation, hopefully I can figure out how to be relaxed more of the time.  


  1. Looks like you guys had a good as time as always. I was hanging out with Debbie and Russ on one of the first days they got there phones. That last photo made me laugh because I totally witnessed this exact scene:) They were cracking me up with their iphone enthusiasm!

  2. I love this: "Way to be creepy Phoenix!" Also, like I told you yesterday, I love the picture of you with the parking lot in the background. Also, especially love the 2nd pic of you with the scarf. Very cute! :)