Thursday, June 9, 2011

Tied To The 90's

Do you guys have folders of pictures on your computer of things you have found on the internet and wanted to save? You know things like...
 or this
(No this did not come from a folder called boyfriends, it is just called new folder)

Well the point of Pinterest is while you are perusing the internet and see something you like you just click the little pin on your toolbar and it will save it (or pin it) to one of your boards. I only wish I had realized others could see my boards first, I may have to make a secret one. 
While I was perusing Pinterest today I saw someone had created a board called Forever 90's. So many things bringing me back to a funny funny time. I want to know what some of the first things that come to mind when you see these images.
Hotel - Motel - Holiday Inn
Man I love this movie & the soundtrack. I never had a huge fan girl crush on Leo like some of my friends. But I did get extra credit for seeing it.
Clueless, one of the best things to happen to the 90's
One of my favorite parts of the movie.

"Melrose Place is a really good show"
Ethan Hawke I still love you.

Speaking of 90's crushes I was so in love with Preston Meyer from Can't Hardly Wait

"But then she reaches in her bag and pulls out a strawberry Pop-Tart - the very same breakfast pastry I was consuming at that moment! What was I to do? How was I to proceed?"

So many more great things from the Forever 90's
Encino Man 
My So Called Life
My friend from high school who was a huge Dave Matthews fan posted DMB the other day I was instantly brought back to some fun times we had together.
No Doubt
A few years ago we were playing Rock Band and Spiderwebs came on & Debbie came in from the other room dancing and pushed who was ever singing out of the way and rock the song.


  1. I love almost everything in this post. I didn't really get into 90210 or Melrose Place because they made me want to barf, and somehow I never saw Reality Bites. But I love everything else. I just wonder where Buffy is in all of this 90's chatter.

  2. Linds I never watched Melrose Place it is just a quote from Reality Bites that Debbie & I use to say. In high school when I would get home from school Ryan would be home from work & sometimes we would watch the reruns of 90210 & laugh at them. Next time you are in town we are going to watch Reality Bites. I did think of Buffy but you know I mostly watched it for you. I did think of Felicity a show I did watch faithfully.