Thursday, May 19, 2011

There and Back Again

When I was a child I remember my older brother Mark watching the cartoon movie of The Hobbit.
I hate to admit this but as a child I did not like movies that were not pretty. Needless to say I was not a fan of The Hobbit, I mean look how ugly he is, he has to be one of the ugliest cartoons. There are other movies & tv show I did not like as a child because they were not pretty, most filmed in the 70's. The cartoon completely turned me off of The Hobbit.

In high school Debbie's class was reading The Hobbit but she had been absent so while everyone else was taking a test or something she had to catch up on reading out in the hall.  While she was reading in the hallway one of the hottest guys* in school came up and started talking to her about The Hobbit. Then my senior year in High School right before graduation I went camping with a bunch of my guy friends & on that camp out we explored what they called a Hobbit Hole, it was just a cave in the ground. Even with a hot boy & my guy friends fans of the book I still had no interest in reading it.
A year later I saw the trailer for The Lord of The Rings, it was just a teaser with the fellowship crossing over a mountain, & I was sold.

I soon became a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, I read the books, bought the extended editions, listened to the commentaries & spent a lot of time talking about the movies & books with friends. We would often play who would you be in middle earth. Who doesn't want to be an Elf but it seemed we mostly were hobbits.
Debbie had my mom make her an Eowyn costume which of course is beautiful even though I have never seen it on Debbie.

My friend Jenny even gave me a Legolas action figure for a gift & dude his bow & arrow works not to mention if you squeeze his thighs his arm does a stabbing motion (think the movie Physco).
So you would have thought that I would have eventually just broken down & read The Hobbit, nope it took for the casting of the movie for me to even buy the book. I think Martin Freeman will be a perfect Bilbo. But it took them dangling some of my pretty movie boyfriends to get me to bite.
John Thornton I mean Richard Armitage 
Remember on North & South when he says "look back at me." What you have not seen it yet, what are you waiting for I own it you can borrow it or better yet why don't you come over and we can watch it  & swoon together. 
Alright I have not actually seen Aiden Turner in anything I just know he is Irish and plays a Vampire in this BBC series I have always meant to watch. You know me, I just like to keep up on hot guys from the UK. 
I saved the best for last Lee FREAKING Pace is going to be an Elf and not any Elf but Legolas's dad. When my friend Melissa text me telling me to look online for the cast news (bless you Melissa). I text her back saying Lee Pace being first cast as a vampire & now an Elf, it is just proof that God loves me!

*Even my sister in law who went to a different high school had heard of this guy.


  1. Who is this Aiden Turner and where has he been all my life? Oh, that's right - Ireland. I'm intrigued . . .

  2. Ooooh I am so excited for this movie to come out now. I feel like there should be a big celebration for it, or maybe just dinner.