Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Would You Think Less of Me

If I started collecting Paper Dolls?

Tom from 500 Days of Summer

Margot from The Royal Tenenbaums

Gob from Arrested Development
Edward Scissorhands
Thom Yorke from Radiohead
Yeah I think it would be awesome too! They will go nicely with the Elizabeth Bennet paper doll

we printed out for the Jane Austen Tea Party we had for my sis in laws birthday.


  1. you should ask randi sometime to see HER collection of paper dolls. most of them original randi creations. oh how i used to wish i could have them for my own. and she never let me play with them! big sisters are SO mean! :)

  2. I thought of Randi's paper dolls. I was wondering if she still made them & how awesome they were.

  3. Paper dolls are hilarious. When I was in HS, we teased a friend that she liked this one guy (even though she didn't really), so he played along and let us take a picture of him in little shorts and we made all these paper outfits for him and gave them to her for her birthday. She was very mad. I think she still has it all though :)
    My mom found Prince William and Kate paper dolls--she bought them to put out when we watch the wedding.

  4. Kristin Rae, that is awesome! Sounds like something my friends & I would have done in HS, definitely something I would have loved to have of my HS crush! That is not creepy right? :)