Monday, April 25, 2011

Hair Revolution

I have a confession, I have not used shampoo, a curling iron, flat iron or any other products in my hair other than a alcohol free gel & water downed conditioner for over a month. I could not be happier about it!
I knew this fact that washing my hair everyday dried it out and that my hair always looked better the day after washing it. So why was I hesitant to listen to the no-poo revolution? I know why because I thought it meant I would not clean my hair and I had visions of me becoming a greasy hippie with dreadlocks. Then my sister switched to no-poo and she didn't turn into a greasy hippy with dreadlocks. But I still didn't think I would want to go to the trouble of making my own shampoo. Then my sister went to a salon in Gilbert, Curls Gone Wild that specializes in curly hair where they taught about care for curly hair & where she bought the book Curly Girl. You can see her post debsfreckles: Curly Girl with before & after shots. All my life my hair acted like it wanted to curl but it just never would but then I went to Europe & my curling irons stopped working but it didn't seem to matter.
Europe equaled moisture
Debbie thought I should try the curly girl method. I bought the sulfate free shampoo (see you do clean just not with poo) and conditioner & alcohol free gel. I saw a difference and the more I moisturized my hair the more curl I saw. Then Debbie & I went to a book signing for The Curly Girl (follow the link to see Deb's post). After being there and hearing Lorraine Massey talk about it I have become completely converted. Lorraine summed it up nicely when she talked about how the more she simplifies her life the happier she becomes. If you are interested in seeing Lorraine in action I really liked this video.
This is a weird picture I know but I want you to see my hair this is the day after I washed it. I have been outside almost all day. All I did to it after waking up was spray some water downed conditioner and scrunched. I don't think this revolution is just for curly hair I want everyone to realize how much softer their hair will be after they stop using the harsh detergent (the same as you use for your dishwasher & laundry) on their hair.


  1. i have been so interested in this ever since i read debbie's posts. and i want to learn more. i am intrigued. well it IS all about the hair with me. so naturally.....

  2. I did the shampoo-free thing for a couple months and loved it. Why did I go back to garbage I'm using now? I'll have to check out the curly girl stuff. Your hair really does look soft and beautiful.

  3. I've been doing this for a few weeks and I LOVE it! You DO have to re-think all you have been taught about hair care, though. We've been brainwashed, I tell you!

  4. Oh my gosh I have this curly girl book!
    I haven't been converted to not shampooing my hair though but I've accepted the fact my hair is curly. I actually get a bit frustrated when I know some people straighten their hair to be more accepted in the society. Few people see curly hair as something wrong or a desease. I remember going to a hair dresser once and he asked me if I ever thought about doing a perm to make my hair straight. Ugh