Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Fantasy Vacation

Yesterday on twitter I saw a hash tag ConfessionsofStrandedTimeTraveler. When I saw it I thought yes, yes that is me! It also made me think of this quote from C.S. Lewis...

Which is pretty much the reason I love to read & watch movies, I get to escape to a world that I feel like I belong in. Which worlds do you like to escape in?
Narnia? Especially if Mr. Tumnus is James McAvoy
Perhaps it is Hogwarts
Or if you are like me, Pemberley
I wouldn't mind be locked in Penelope's bedroom
Or maybe Coeur D' Coeurs aka Pushing Daisies

Do you want a Hobbit Hole for yourself?

Well Cassandra Clare's latest came out today so I am off to Idris or more likely New York, see you later.


  1. very well said. Can I borrow it when you are done. pretty please!

  2. I like to create my own worlds. I'm pretty sure that makes me extra nerdy but I don't care. What care I for titles given in this world when I belong to another? ;)

  3. You're so cute, ConnieCon!

    Like the new look!

  4. LOVE that C.S. Lewis quote! You know which world(s) I'll be in . . . and who I'll be. Come find me!

  5. All of the above. I dream of living in Penelope's bedroom. What a great quote.

  6. bronwyn Thanks I am glad to know I am not the only who dreams about Penelope's room!