Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tea Party

"We drank tea again yesterday with the Tilsons, and met the Smiths. I find all these little parties very pleasant." ~ Jane Austen (letter to Cassandra)

We celebrated Alison's birthday and the fact that she has recently acquired a love of Jane Austen by having a little Tea Party with most of the girls.

Elizabeth Bennett paper doll I found online she comes with hats, jackets & dresses worn in the movie.
Ashley & Alison

My mom, sister in law Angie, me, sister Debbie, sister in law Ashley & sister in law Alison

Debbie and I had planned on saying things like "Alison would you like to take a turn about the room with me, you will find it so refreshing" or "Angie would you favor us on the piano forte?" or "Ashley that shirt is so becoming on you" and of course with an English accent but got caught up with just normal discussion. We think we are going to have to do it again.


  1. HOW FUN!!!! i think tea parties are the best! i had one at my house a few years back with all of us potter girls. we had a blast! cute!! you all look so great!

  2. That's so cute. I think you should do another one with the Huston's and other such adopted-in family members... you know, like me. :)

  3. Anonymous04 May, 2008

    You are so funny, so... nonsensical! What a great idea, you look fabulous!

  4. First...love the bangs.

    Second...I agree with Lindsey on having another tea party...count me in!

    Third...seriously must get together next time Debbie is down...or even before then! I'll call you soon.