Saturday, April 9, 2011

A Vampire Wizard who lives in Narnia

My last post was inspired by a few things but one of the main inspirations was this picture.

 My friend Melissa once said that she wanted to be a vampire wizard who lived in Narnia. So for Melissa's birthday I decided to make her own vampire, wizard & Narnia sign. But I could have not done it on my own, with a little help from my friends I went to work. My friend Jenny has a vinyl lettering machine, which she let me use & did most of the work herself. Then I went to Debbie's to find wood & use Russ's saw to cut the boards. Russ showed me how to use the saw & added the sings to a tree stake while I picked up Mimi so she could take the pictures. The shoot went great and Mimi emailed me the pictures I added Melissa's quote to one & sent them to Sam's Club to be printed. The next morning Sam's Club called me and told me they had to ask if they photo's were "copyrighted". I got a huge grin on my face when she asked, so proud of how awesome they turned out!

I was happy with the way they turned out pretty & kind of spooky at the same time, the shadows I LOVE the  shadows!


  1. You know how much I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these pictures! One of my best gifts EVER! And I can't believe how much work you put into it - along with Mimi & Jenny. Thank you all! You all contributed to an amazing gift. I can't wait to show them off! :-D

  2. That did turn out supercool!

    And the paper dolls are awesome!