Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Can it be August already?

I first posted about the movie Austenland almost two years ago back in July of 2011 and just feel it would be wrong not to do a post about the trailer as well.

I feel a little silly giving a play by play of the trailer since I can't imagine anyone will really care but I have found it fun when others do it so I am going to have a go.

First: Props to the production team, Jane's room is insane! The Darcy pillow, is that a chamber pot down by her bed. The whole "Darcy was here" is so disturbing it makes me feel like a little better about my obsession.
Speaking of Darcy pillows I like mine better...
Next I LOVE the Colin Firth, Mr. Darcy cutout. 
Well because I got to take a picture with Darcy/Firth at Shannon Hale's book signing which is where I first heard that Austenland would become a movie. 
It's hard to tell with the apron but Darcy/Firth is holding a copy of Austenland. 

Sony has been doing a good job with there marketing efforts I think, I particularly like the website they set up which makes sense when you see the brochure in Jane Hayes hands. Also is she packing a carpet bag? I always have wanted a carpet bag like Anne of Green Gables. 

Where did they get the carriage car we get to see Bret McKenzie who plays Martin chauffeuring. 

I like that they don't waste anytime introducing JJ Feild aka Mr. Nobley as the "one of those Mr. Darcy guys". 

Should I mention Ricky Whittle aka Captain East's abs? Alright you twisted my arm I will mention his abs. 
And if you haven't heard Shannon tell the story about signing his underwear YOU SHOULD. 

Any fan of the book would or I guess I should say love the Tally-Ho reference. 

I am also just as excited for the scenes I have no clue what is happening, other than it looks funny!

Oh man I am so excited for this scene! That little double blink Mr. Nobley gives making him look vulnerable makes me swoon, not to mention how adorable Bret is!
Mr. Nobley reminds me a lot of Captian Wentworth from the newest Persuasion adaption.

Don't you love the original songs Emmy The Great wrote/performed for the soundtrack as well?

Tally-ho indeed! 

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