Friday, May 17, 2013

Meeting Scout

After we arrived in Phoenix my parents picked us up from the airport in their new Ford Flex. Poor mom stuffed in the back with the luggage, car seat & a wedding dress she was either altering or made.

Then we headed to Debbie's for lunch, cousins and for Debbie to reveal the gender of her baby!

The Pink balloon means a girl in case you needed clarifying. My other sister in law is pregnant with a girl so we were all pretty sure Debbie was having a girl just because that is they way our family rolls.

Then we moved on to holding Scout, funny enough it was Joe who told me to get him a pillow so he could hold her first, that is after Debbie of course.

Then Gracie

Even Grandpa got a turn

Debbie's kids have become obsessed with Michael Jackson and they shared their love with Sam. 

Who's Bad?


  1. Ooh. My dad had a Ford Flex and it was an awesome vehicle. Wish we could afford one!

  2. I just tried like 4 times to come up with what I wanted to say. I think that the "like" button on Facebook and the little heart on Instagram have ruined me. I can't express the actual sentiments of how this all makes me feel. At any rate I like and <3 this.