Monday, July 29, 2013


My mom and I left Debbie and family in Salt Lake while we rode up with my Aunt & Uncle to their home in Idaho. Here is a picture of their backyard, so many fun memories from my childhood and even young adult years happened here!

I went out to enjoy the yard and my uncle Roger introduced me to Honey Bun, his gosling who comes when he calls. She would eat from me but she would also swing her neck at me, I think she didn't like me getting into her territory. 

I was sitting hoping to get the ducks to come to me, with out any success so Roger tried herding them my way. 

My cousin Sara and her family were there and this little babe had her birthday our first day. My mom got this cake while she was shopping with her sister Earlene and told her it was from both her and I. Which helped me win over the kids after that, thanks mom!

Soon Debbie and her family came up as well. Here they are looking at the ducks.

One evening our cousins showed us how they has used the app face swap to switch faces of the different couples. Some where so wrong I would close my eyes in protest others were so funny I was crying laughing. I wasn't the only one. 

 Here is one Russ did of him and Debbie, like I said they are just wrong, but highly entertaining.

I think Russ was in heaven going out with Roger and helping with the bees. Unfortunately Debbie got stung on the face right when I was getting this picture. I personally feel guilty because she asked if we could get this close and I said yeah we will be fine. Apparently they love Debbie's hair which I did not put into account. 

It was so green and had so many flowers, we really enjoyed ourselves just taking it easy and hanging out with our family. Have you ever played Ticket To Ride? It is a board game our cousins introduced to us and it was a lot of fun.
 Joe just chilling with Roger on the deck.

It was cousin central, going on and we loved every minuet of it.

Found these two darlings swinging like this and had to get a picture. 

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