Monday, May 21, 2012

Made Of Awesome

My brother in law Russ just emailed me this video and it has to be one of the greatest things youtube has to offer.

(you have to watch on youtube but totally worth it)
Debbie and I watched Chipmunk Adventure a lot when we were kids enough so that as teenagers we talked about being the Chipettes for Halloween sadly we never did manage it but we do have a friends blog and it is called The Girls of Rock n Roll.

When Debbie & Russ were living in Flagstaff I sent Debbie the DVD of Becoming Jane for her birthday and little William saw the package and asked what it was. Debbie told him it was a present for her from Connie, he told her to open it because there was something for him in it too. Debbie didn't know that I had also ordered The Chipmunk Adventures for William and was shocked to open it to see that William was right. Last Monday I was over at Russ & Debbie's and Gracie wanted to know if I wanted to watch Chipmunk Adventure with her, yes, yes I did.


  1. THIS IS AMAZING. Thank you so much for sharing! My husband was Simon for Halloween when we were in college. He wore a name tag that said, "Hello, I am a Boy of Rock and Roll."