Friday, June 1, 2012

The Best Kind of Weekend

Saturday was Stephanie Perkins signing (along with other authors)! I picked Debbie up and she had made lunch for us to eat in the car, little asparagus pizzas. She also held the plate like that for me while we drove to Phoenix. She really is the best sister. 
After the panel all the authors taught classes on things other than writing novels. Steph and Matt de la Pena divided the room and then helped us write a love song. 
Debbie and I were sitting on Matt's side of the room and our group wrote a verse about teenagers finding love in the library. It took us awhile to agree on things because everyone had good ideas but I really liked the final product, I wish I would have taken the lyrics home with me. I can only remember a line from the song but it was about a girl at the library looking for the cute boy she sees there she gets sad when she doesn't see him but turns around and runs right into him. And I am sure there was some kissing in the library later :).
The cute girls in the picture sang it for us and did a really good job. And later we gushed about Stephanie's books together!

Lisa McMann taught us about food display and then did a competition to see who did the best, this is Debbie's plate after we ate some.
Here is my cute friend Jen talking to Steph during the signing.
And here Debbie and I are with Steph, in a very happy making picture!

Sunday when I went to my parents for our regular Sunday dinner I got a surprise from my brother & sister in law who went to Harry Potter land! I am one happy girl!

Monday Debbie, Stephanie and I attempted to go see a movie but being a holiday we ended up shopping instead. After we met up with Mimi for an early dinner/late lunch. It was so much fun to be real life friends!


  1. It really was the best kind of weekend. It sparked my creativity and now I want to do all kinds of things!

  2. I'm so glad you got to have a real life friends experience with steph! also, your sister is the nicest kind of sister. asparagus pizza? genius.