Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Evil Queen

When Debbie and I were leaving the Florence & The Machine concert I told Debbie if I was making Snow White I would cast Florence as the evil queen. Then I found out this week that Florence did a song for the soundtrack for Snow White & The Huntsman and surprise surprise it is through the queens perspective.
I am posting this for Debbie but maybe you will enjoy it too.

What do you think Debbie, are we going to go see this the day it comes out or what?


  1. That song sounds amazing. That is funny how you would have cast her as the evil queen and, lo and behold, she wrote a song for her! Have I mentioned, I am ridiculously excited for that movie? Because I am.

    1. Sweet you should come see it with us!

  2. Heck yes! She is just so amazing, I can't believe it! By the way Russ calls her Florence and the nightingales.