Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Hair Today maybe gone tonight.

I am going to get my hair cut today after work. So funny thing is last Saturday my mom says to me and the rest of my family who was there. "Connie, don't get mad but I think you would look good with a pixie cut." Now I wasn't mad she suggested it, but in the past my hair has been a touchy subject between us. Mostly because she likes it short and I rarely keep it short.
I think this was her favorite hair cut and I think I was 19 when this was taken. Little did my mom know that when she brought it up again last Saturday that I had already been thinking about cutting my hair and decided against going really short. So I told her "It is never going to happen." I normally don't make "I'll never" statements, because I hate eating my words. I mostly said it because I did not like having the conversation centered on me and my hair and Russ was taking pictures so I said as a way to end the conversation.

But like I said I was already thinking about cutting my hair for a few reasons, one being it was making me super hot last Saturday while Debbie and I was shopping, another seeing my cute friends Instagram of her pixie cut. I have not been able to stop thinking about how nice it would be to have super short hair.
Here are some hair cuts I am contemplating...

If I am not brave enough for one of these I will end up with something more like this...

Thanks mom for giving me confidence to cut my hair and sorry I am so touchy about my hair you know I love you. 


  1. You look SO cute with your hair like that! I hope you do it!

  2. oh I wish you do it too!
    There was a time in my life I REALLY wanted this kind of haircut but did a bob instead. My parents were a bit angry at me!
    I like the top 3 options not to much the last one.
    Can't wait to see pictures, you will look gorgeous!

    1. Yeah it seems like a lot of moms are the opposite of mine. I like the first one the best BUT I am worried about my bangs being to short. We will see.