Wednesday, April 25, 2012

And It Sings To Me Inside

For Debbie's birthday I bought her tickets to see Florence & The Machine. We started the night off by going to Cibo in downtown. 

 I know you can't see the skirt that goes with Debbie's dress but she had two complete strangers come up and complement her on her outfit.
 The food was really good, I think Debbie got pictures so you will have to wait for her post to see it.

 Besides being an extremely talented singer I love Florence's music, it speaks to me. Her music transports me the same way reading does, she has the power to create worlds with her words & voice. Seeing Florence live only amplified those abilities, she was also able to show us what her songs mean to her. She ignited the crowd and here it is half a week later and I am still thinking about the concert. If you are a fan and get the chance I would definitely go.

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