Monday, March 5, 2012


I did some rearranging at my home. I got a new TV and had to get a new TV stand. I also finally got around to painting the hutch my mom found at a garage sale.

Which also meant I got to go shopping for new nobs. I first went to Anthropologie but they did not have the right size handles so I ended up getting them at Hobby Lobby.

The desk I am using as a TV stand was in Debbie's basement so although I changed everything it was mostly just rearranging things I had or someone in family had.


  1. I looks fabulous, Connie! Very cute. I love seeing the picture of Grandma :) I need to put one of those up in my house (though I do have a magnet of BFJohnson on my fridge ;)

    1. BFJohnson magnet? How did you obtain such a thing, and why don't I have one? :)