Friday, August 2, 2013

When Expectations meet Reality

Do you guys remember that brilliant scene in 500 Days of Summer when it shows side by side Tom's expectations of Summer's party and the reality of what really happened?
Too often in life we do like Anne Shirley so eloquently put, “I can't help flying up on the wings of anticipation. It's as glorious as soaring through a sunset... almost pays for the thud.” and like both 500 Days & Anne point out our reality rarely meet our expectations. 
Last night I was lucky enough to attend a special screening of Austenland, and although the only real expectation I had was that I would love it, it was a high expectation. My ever practical brain was trying to convince my heart to calm down because there was bound to be something that wasn't going to match my expectations. Imagine my surprise when the movie was over and my expectations were actually surpassed! 
I was pleased at how well it followed the book but also enjoyed the changes that kept me on my toes as well. If I was not laughing I was smiling, I'm not joking my friend Jenny complained about about how sore her face was from smiling! The whole cast really did just a wonderful job, and obviously had fun filming it. Hint stay for the credits.

Keri was delightful as the slightly awkward and yet lovable Jane Hayes. 

J.J. was completely swoon worthy as Mr. Nobley, that "Darcy guy". 

It was a dream come true to see Bret play a romantic lead, who knew he had a little swagger in him?

In my sisters opinion Jennifer Coolidge stole the show, and it is true that everything out of her mouth had me dying. If you think Jennifer was funny in anything else wait till you see her in this. 

Chelsea liked Georgia King's character and seriously there were a couple of scenes I thought I was going to cry from laughing so hard. 

Don't let the no shirt fool you there is more to Ricky Whittle than a pair of abs. All James Callis had to do was use his quizzing glass and I was laughing. 
When the movie was over my friend Chelsea looked over and laughed at the stupid grin I could not get off my face but we all loved it and agreed we want to see it again. And although I love Austenland & Jane Austen I don't think you need to like either to enjoy this movie. In fact I am going to encourage my brothers and dad to see it, I really do think they will enjoy it.  


  1. Sometimes I think we really are cut from the same cloth, Connie. I think the good taste gene is full to brimming in the two of us ;) Shoot, throw Debbie in there and make it three! I love your posts and I love you!!!

    1. I love you too Shelly and am so glad I get to call you family! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!