Thursday, May 16, 2013

Somewhere In Middle America

My brother Mark and his family moved to Omaha Nebraska a couple years ago to go to law school. Saturday I flew out to help them get ready to come back to Arizona for the summer, to meet Scout their new baby girl and to fly back with Ashley to help with Sam (nearly 3) and Scout (1 month).

When driving into Omaha from the airport we saw this mural and this guy reminded me a little of John Krasinski. Or maybe I have just had John Krasinski on the brain lately.
Then we went to a pizza shop downtown that has pizza by the slice. I got apple walnut and brie maybe.
Then I took care of business and held my newest niece Scout.
Sam showed me if funny teeth before we headed for a get together in the park.
Sunday was mothers day and when I got up Mark was downstairs making eggs benedict it is something that Ashley's family does and it was delicious.
At church someone was handing out cupcakes with blue frosting, can you tell who had one.

Gilbert and Mesa are relatively new cities so I love going places that actually has some history and buildings older than myself. 
The weather was so lovely here I am wearing a sweater sitting under a tree. 
Here is the tree I am sitting under

while watching Sam play at the playground.
When we got back from the playground Mark was sitting outside feeding Scout.
I am so proud of my brothers for being such good husbands and fathers. You can see Ashley inside working hard packing up not only for their trip but they are renting their condo for the summer as well.

Monday we went to breakfast at Harold's Cafe where a scene from Jack Nicholson's film About Schmidt was filmed. 

 Then we headed to the University so Mark could scan some stuff and show me around the school a little.
 Sam played Judge in one of the mock courtrooms

Scout slept through most of it. 
 We also drove through one of the fancy neighborhoods and I loved this house and tree.
 Spring was so pretty with all the different trees in bloom.
I spent a lot of time outside playing with Sam, here we are looking a ladybug we found. 
 I just love this face he was giving me.

 I had to bribe him to take a picture with me. But really he was so sweet always saying thank you and telling me I was good at things.
 And oh man I loved holding this little string bean, she was so tiny and yet so long.

The day before we left Rainbow Rowell the author of Attachments & Eleanor & Park tweeted that her local bookstore had signed copies. I thought they made the perfect souvenir.

Here is Sammy on the plan waving goodbye to Omaha and hello to Arizona. Once we got seated Scout slept the whole flight and Sam was so good playing with his truck and reading books we didn't even have to get out the ipad.

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  1. We had so much fun with you!! Thanks for coming!!