Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Christmas Highlights

My Christmas festivities started Saturday the 22nd. First up was lunch with Melanie & Melissa we think this was our fifth year of getting together to celebrate Melanie's birthday & Christmas.
 Birthday cards is kind of our thing and doodling on the envelope is kind of my thing. We went to Oregano's for lunch something we hadn't done in a long time so that was fun. I also got some awesome gifts! But what really got me in the Christmas spirit was my friend Melissa who decided to do the 26 acts of Kindness to honor the Newton victims. She left a hundred percent tip for our waiter, and giving was always such a part of Christmas growing up it inspired me to find more ways to serve those around me.

That night was our families adult family dinner/white elephant gift exchange. We started the night off by going to Zupa's.
After every came back to my place for our white elephant gift exchange. Do you know why it is called a white elephant gift exchange? I read about this in a book, I think but since I can not remember where here is the Wikipedia version.  The term derives from the story that the kings of Siam (now Thailand) were accustomed to make a present of one of these animals to courtiers who had rendered themselves obnoxious, in order to ruin the recipient by the cost of its maintenance. 

Mark showed up to my house in his ugly sweater, maybe next year I will join in the ugly sweater fun. But they are not easy to come by. Mark has us play a game they played over the radio by playing songs from movies and everyone guessing what movies they were from. My brother Brett and sister in law Angie were my real competition but my dad guessed the Cars song and we won!
 My dad surprised me with such a sweet gift. He came up with a bag that held two hats and told me to pick one. I grabbed the red one and he put the blue one on. My mom then explained while looking through a catalog he saw these "Sherlock" hats and said we need to get these for me & Connie to wear while we watch Sherlock & Downton Abbey. I think my dad may be the cutest dad in the world.
This is a cutting board made by my brother Ryan that I got at the gift exchange. Isn't it pretty? It is actually even prettier in person. Ryan has an etsy shop if you want to see some other cool ones. 
I spent Christmas eve over at Debbie's along with my parents and younger brother Eric. I slept over and did Christmas morning with Debbie's family. Look at the journals William & Gracie designed and help wrap for me.
 Here is Joe Joe playing with the train I got him!
Then it was time to head out to my parents for Christmas breakfast. Here are all the stocking, my mom does not mess around!

 I decided to make ornament tags to go along with my gifts this year, thank you pinterest.
 Here is my mom opening the gift we got for her & my dad, wireless headphones for the tv.
 That evening Debbie, Russ & I went and saw Les Miserables, it was beautiful and even better the second time around though even harder to not sing along with. Also did anyone else find themselves almost clapping after so many songs? I am just a little sad that A Little Fall of Rain is not on the soundtrack.


  1. WHAT!? All the songs need to be on the sound track. ALL!

    1. What I bought is called Highlights of Les Miserables. In a month they will probably come out with a full soundtrack you know just so they can make more money. Don't they know we will not be slaves again! Vive La France!!