Monday, December 17, 2012

Quick Catch Up

Thanksgiving was delicious and fun as usual!
 Went to Scottsdale to meet up with some of my extended family after Thanksgiving, can you tell which one is my dad and which one is his brother? I asked my Uncle Pat to tell me about their trip to Ireland, I hope we can go on one of our own.
 My dad turned 70 we celebrated by going to dinner & seeing Lincoln. I made my dad take his photo in the Hitchcock display since he was the one who introduced me to Hitchcock movies.
 Debbie and I have been getting things done for our parents 50th wedding anniversary party. Here is part of the hand written invite I made, thank you Debbie for being my sounding board & editor.
 My brother Mark and sister in law Ashley are back for Christmas break!!! Debbie gave Ashley a baby shower and I helped a little.
Don't worry I fit in some silly & cuddly time as well. 


  1. I can tell which is which but at first glance I thought they were both uncle Mike.

    Merry Christmas, cuz!

    P.S. Did you know no matter how many times I take the Austen Heroine quiz I alway get the same character. Eleanor Dashwood. I'm just so darn practical.

    1. My brother Brett watched all the Jane Austen movies with my sister in law back when PBS played them. After he saw them all she told him about the quiz and asked him to guess which character I was and he said Elizabeth Bennet. It made me smile I am a lot Elizabeth with my pert opinions but I am also very Elanor Dashwood as well. Debbie is Marianne.

  2. That last pic is a great one of you, by the way. Beautiful!