Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Jane Austenland

Did you know that Pride & Prejudice is celebrating its 200th birthday on January 28th? I read this article that sums up Mr. Darcy pretty well, it's from Stylist UK.
"The attributes which Darcy possesses – he’s mysterious, intelligent, handsome, misunderstood, moral and unafraid of being mocked by a woman – still provide a template for the ideal suitor. A template which has been replicated by authors and film makers ever since; the unapproachable, difficult male figure who, although wholly unpleasant at first, turns out to be kind, gallant and selfless. And we fall for it every time."
And what better way to celebrate it's 200th birthday than by sharing the great news that Austenland the movie got bought by Sony Pictures after premiering at Sundance this past Friday! Which means it will be playing in theaters in the US later this year!
Here is an adorable picture of Bret, Keri & JJ at Sundance. 
HitFix had one of my favorite reviews...

"To be clear, Hess isn’t breaking any ground here. “Austenland” is a crowd-pleaser with a smart script and a cast that appears to be having a jolly ol’ time. What sparks the most is McKenzie who shows he can easily be a romantic comedy leading man (assuming the Oscar winner even wants to go in that direction) and Coolidge who may be doing her same old schtick, but hasn’t had this much screen time in years and is completely on her game.  Russell becomes increasingly more feisty as Jane takes control of her own story.  Feild does his best Colin Firth as Mr. Nobley and genuinely makes the audience unsure of who they want Jane to end up with.
“Austenland” is one of the most commercially friendly films to screen at the festival in years.  It’s hard to imagine almost every mini-major in Hollywood not having a serious interest in acquiring it."

Here is a Q & A with the actors after the screening. 

And a short clip from the movie!!!
Am I the only one who is super excited about seeing Bret in a romantic roll?


  1. Nope! Not the only one!!!!! EEP!

  2. I somehow missed the ticket sales and sat in the waitlist line for HOURS just to see the theater fill up and them send the waitlisters home.

    I was very sad but glad that Sony picked it up.

    I went to school with Jerusha and love to see her succeed. I don't think those women could have failed.

    1. I signed up to get tickets but Austenland was sold out before my time slot came up. Oh well I was pretty sure it would get picked up.
      The more I see of Jerusha the more I like her, she seems like an awesome lady.

  3. I am so excited to see this movie! Just the thirty second clip is awesome.