Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Days of Blood & Starlight

Normally when I read a sequel I am able to skim/skip a lot of the beginning because the author has to explain  things that the reader might have forgotten about book one. So I was shocked how Laini was able to make the information fresh and new. I did not skip one word of Days of Blood & Starlight I drank every single one in. At first I was sad I could not read it faster but then when I got close to being done I wanted to cry because I didn't want it to be over. I have really come to love these characters and I can not wait for the third book!

Friday Laini's tour brought her to Changing Hands in Tempe! Debbie and I were so excited to get to see her again. We met Laini at Project Book Babe and both started following her blog and soon started talking about her like we were really friends. So as you can guess we were super excited for her signing and Melissa and her husband James came along with Mimi & her crew as well making it an extra good time.  

When I was re-reading Daughter of Smoke and Bone I was inspired by one of my favorite parts of the book to make a t-shirt. I had even forgotten to show Laini, thankfully she noticed and her reaction was perfect!
I turn into such a fan girl at book signings guys, I'm always a little embarrassed after and yet I still don't change. I think in this picture I am telling Laini how I could not stop thinking about Akiva. 
 The guy taking pictures saw me get all comfortable and joked about how I was moving in. So part of me is embarrassed but if I was to do it all over again I would do it the same. And you know why because Laini told me how she wanted the third book to end! Have you seen the movie The Young Victoria? Oh I love it I hope you have. Well there is a scene where Albert is getting excited about his ideas for helping the working class, then apologizes. In response Victoria says "there's no need to apologize for being passionate." Which is how I feel as long as your passion isn't hurting you or those around you.

When I first read about Akiva's widow's peak it wasn't something I had really thought about. So I googled widow's peak and was surprised at how many of my boyfriends have widow's peaks. (Just to be clear not all below are my boyfriends, you know you have to be more than a pretty face.) But can you see who I traced for the model of Akiva?
(Top row Colin Farrell, Jude Law, Daniel Craig, Wentworth Miller, 2nd row Leonardo DeCaprio, Chris Hemsworth, David Beckham & Gavin Rossdale)
I love making t-shirts & bags (in case you have not noticed) my favorite way is using freezer paper I kind of explained how it works here when I made Harry Potter shirts.

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  1. I never realized how many pretty faces have widows peaks attached to them! Thanks for looking into it! I also love that quote about being passionate. So very true. It also makes me feel better about some of the things I get decidedly "crazy" about. Whatever! It makes me happy!