Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Weekend Workings

My first order of business this weekend was to make an itinerary for our New York trip that is coming up at the end of the month. I wrote out the places everyone had mentioned wanting to see read some blogs about where others enjoyed going. Debbie is making a list of everywhere she wants to eat, hopefully there are enough meals in the day, perhaps we will have to become hobbits with second breakfast and elevensies. If anyone wants to give advise please do. 
 Next I got a visit from Joseph I was kind of worried he would be upset coming all by himself but he was as adorable as ever. Making cute faces while we watched Little Einsteins he even did tricks and snuggled with me.
 I did some painting this weekend as well, one I can't show you yet because it was a postcard and want to make sure they see it first. Second was for my lesson in nursery at church, I know the kids are to small to care but I cared that the pictures provided are not cute at all so I made my own. Let's just hope I don't go so crazy that I make all new pictures for every lesson.

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  1. Your coming out to NY! How long will you be there? Will you be checking any nearby places out? I'm only and hour and a half away! You probably have a packed schedule already, but maybe i you aren't....hope all is well!!