Monday, February 6, 2012

Debs Freckles

Saturday I met Debbie and her kids at Joe's Farm Grill for breakfast and to start her birthday off right. Joseph thought it was hilarious to feed me, I was actually stuffed but he just kept feeding me.

After I took the kids so Debbie could celebrate her birthday by spending the day all by herself! 
I told the kids we were going to a park but not one with a playground one where we could be scientist and have an adventure.
 We observed ducks
Dug for dinosaur bones
We also went exploring to see what birds we could find. We crossed paths with a group of adults with binoculars and walking sticks, you should have seen them whip into action when William pointed out a humming bird. 
Then we headed back to Debbie's house to get ready for the surprise birthday party. My mom came in to help me get ready. We cleaned, I made cheese trays while she got the fruit and veggies ready. We had to wait for Debbie to meet up with Russ to be sure she wouldn't stop at home. 
Russ wanted to roast Debbie because she had enjoyed their friend Kayleen's so much a few weeks earlier. I made some decorations for the party.
I am going to be honest I was kind of at a loss of how to decorate for Debbie's party because she is who I go to to help me with being creative. Here you can see the the banner and cross stitch hoops I made. When I went to the scrapbook store to use their die cut machine to cut the letters out guess who was there also using the die cut machine. Yes Debbie! Thank goodness for Melissa who was with me I was able to use her son Gavin's birthday as an excuse.

I have always loved Debbie's freckles I remember there was a little boy who we loved to babysit and he asked his mom "why does Debbie have sparkles on her face?" At a cousins wedding all the little cousins were running around when one ran up to her and said "you have so many angel kisses" and ran off just as fast. 

A Face Without Freckles is Like a Night Without Stars.
I used a book page from a used and warped copy of Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince then using permanent marker outlined the block letters, moon & stars then colored the negative space. I then sewed the book page onto black material using my sewing machine. After I put it on the embroidery hoop and hand stitched the white stars onto the black and a few black stars onto the book page. 

 I was really happy with the chapter I used it was called Birthday Surprise, hopefully you can see it. I then just hot glued the extra material down on the back. I have no idea if that is what you are suppose to do, I don't like to read instructions.

Big thank you to Jenny was nice enough to make this adorable little cake along with cupcakes (I had two that night).
Another big thank you needs to go out to my brothers Brett & Eric for helping out in the kitchen. Also Russ's parents who helped keep Gracie and Joseph busy while I was running around like a chicken with its head cut off.

Debbie was thoroughly embarrassed by it all and I hope it wasn't too bad and I hope she had fun in spite of it all. And as away of apology to Debbie I am going to even the field here by posting a picture my friend Lindsey showed in her video she made for Debbie in which she not only shared embarrassing photos of Debbie of Russ & I as well.

For those who don't know I served a mission for my church The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. Funny enough I served in Utah and in my first area there was a lady who worked at the Target photo center and she told us we could come in and she would take our pictures for cheep. The pictures were only ever a joke and I had completely forgotten about them till Lindsey held it up, Lindsey you would have loved the reaction it got. And yes Chelsea I am going to look and see if I still have a copy for you. Also the Book of Mormon I am reading was one they had on hand for a prop.


  1. It all looks so wonderful! What a to-do! You did a great job decorating. I'm pretty terrible at that kind of stuff. I love looking at what other people can come up with!

  2. That party was a hoot. That embroidery hoop!! That's the most creative thing I've seen in a long time. I loved it. And I love that missionary picture of you... I want to get a picture like that with all of my family.

  3. I'm so glad that the video worked out OK. And I hope that you will forgive me for putting up that picture. I just couldn't help myself. :)