Thursday, December 1, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

Over a year ago my mom decided she did not have room for her piano and gave it to me. Thanksgiving we finally worked out getting it moved. While my brothers were over I also had them put up my picture ledges.

Thank you Laini Taylor for giving me the inspiration I needed. 

It is amazing how homie my home feels now.

After eating and naps Gracie got out the dress up & Joe loved making us laugh.

I can't believe how big William is getting

Friday night William & Gracie came over for a sleepover.

Gracie had fun playing with my Jane Austen & Legolas action figures. A wedding even took place.

Such a beautiful match, she can help him gain a sense of humor and he can take Jane on adventures.

Saturday we got together with my dads side of the family.

Debbie and her kids waiting to ride the train.

Joseph hitting me with Williams wand...stupefy

How stinking cute is that caboose?

It was such a lovely weekend my mom out did herself with making a marvelous meal, check out Debbie's blogs for pictures. 

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  1. Love that marriage and that caboose. Great post Connie :)