Friday, December 9, 2011

Tennis, Tigers & Ballroom

I read about the band Tennis on a blog, their story is what got me to listen to them. The couple met in college after graduation they saved up money bought a boat and spent a year sailing the eastern coast. I had imagined them sailing & writing music but according to this interview with NPR they wrote the music after as a way of documenting their experience.

When I asked Mimi if she was interested in going she said she liked the opening band Miniature Tigers so it was perfect. I was excited to try out the newest venue The Crescent Ballroom. Which I liked very much it has some risers in the back which we went and sat in towards the end. Also if you are wanting to attend a show I would buy tickets online, there was a pretty long line waiting to get in.

Miniature Tigers
The lead singer of Tennis was pretty much the cutest person I have ever seen on stage, a girl from the audience even yelled out "you're adorable".

Tennis has a new album coming out on Valentines day this coming February, I am digging it, give it a listen.
Deep in the Woods by tennisinc

Origins by tennisinc

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