Monday, December 5, 2011

December is here

It is December the busiest month of the year and this weekend was just the beginning. Friday I heard about Crafeteria (a craft fair) from Angela Hardison's twitter and thought it would be a good place to get ideas for Christmas.

While there I saw these branches covered in scrapes of material. I had already wanted to use branches to decorate and liked the idea. So when Debbie called me on Saturday to say that she and William were sick I grabbed some material and headed over to help with the other kids since Russ was working & it was also Gracie's Dance recital. 
When I got to Debbie's I went and got some branches and went to work in covering the branches. 
Then Debbie talked me into covering some not very pretty ornaments in yarn. 

Now I have a Charlie Brown Christmas tree.

My mom came in and took us all to Gracie's dance recital. Here is the excited princess ballerina tough girl elf (she told me she was all those things). 

After we went to go visit our nephew, cousin & grandson Miles grave, he passed away three years ago. It was a sad and hard time but how blessed we are to be part of a family who are there to give each other strength.

Sunday we celebrated my dad's 69th birthday that is coming up on the 7th and this little guy was dressed like this. 

And grandma had made these girls Christmas dresses. If you can't tell these girls were very excited!


  1. I love your tree (like I said, Pinterest-worthy) and ornaments. Miles' passing makes me so sad. I'm glad you visited his grave. I can't stand hearing about babies, you know. Absolutely breaks my heart. On an much lighter note, I LOVE Joseph in the Santa outfit.