Monday, November 7, 2011

UK Loving

First I just need to say that I listened to No Light, No Light by Florence & The Machine three times in a row while driving to my parents yesterday.
No Light No Light by uidnewmediaberlin

I have listened to Shake It Out a lot as well.

I like that the music video is a less creepy version of THIS video.

Second I need to confess that I have watched some Doctor Who at least two episodes from each season (spoiler). Well of the newer Doctor Who, oh and I have not seen any of the current season. I was hesitant to watch the show first because the only thing I knew about it besides being a long running show on the BBC was that Ricky Gervais on Extra's did not want to play an Alien on the show.

But I kept seeing and hearing things that got me curious.
And after Community did a spoof on Doctor Who or should I say Inspector Spacetime, how could I not.


Their fake British accents kill me! Speaking of fake accents the episode of Doctor Who where they go to New York and you get to hear British actors doing New York accents is pretty awesome. Actually Andrew Garfield (future Spiderman) did pretty good with his southern accent.

Guess what I have realized, for the majority of our stay in London we were by the Earl's Court tube station and guess what was out right in front. Oh just the Tardis...
Also I saw an episode that had Harry Lloyd who I met while in London after seeing him in a play.

Boom, that practically makes me married to David Tennant.
I always love when he puts on his glasses.
The show can be silly but in an entertaining and fun way.


  1. This right here, is the BEST part of this post. HILARIOUS! "Boom, that practically makes me married to David Tennant."

  2. I love this post! I'm going to start watching Dr. Who and calling you every night to talk about it. Where so I start?!

  3. @ Mimi I watched the first & last episode of season one then I moved onto season two aka David Temnant.
    @ Melissa I always feel accomplished when you "like" funny!

  4. Is that because I have such a refined sense of humor (i.e. I don't find many things funny)? Seriously, though, it is kind of a big deal to make me laugh. People laugh at things sometimes and I'm left confused.

  5. @ Melissa I love that you tell me when you think I write something funny. I am just glad someone whose opinion I value gets my humor.