Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Snow Season

I always wonder why it is that things seem to come in waves, it wasn't that long ago everywhere I turned I saw Alice in Wonderland. Now it is Snow White...

ABC has a new series called Once Upon a Time and Ginnifer Goodwin is playing Snow White one of the main characters on the show.

There are two movies coming out as well.
Snow White and the Huntsman

and Mirror Mirror which is a comedy

I am thinking the movie minus Julia Roberts plus this guy (Chris Hemsworth aka Thor)
AND a Hot British Male in it (Sam Claflin)
will be the one I like best.

Unrelated (other than Gale is brothers with Thor) I hope you all saw the trailer for The Hunger Games!


  1. James is watching "Once Upon a Time" and I watched one episode. I actually liked what I saw, but just haven't had the time to watch it. It's an interesting concept. I think Snow White and the Huntsman has good potential. I just saw the Mirror Mirror trailer because Tina posted it on FB. Needless to say, I was left underwhelmed. I commented on her post that it feels like it's one of those trailers I think I'm SUPPOSED to like, but I just don't. Not sure what it is.

  2. Brett and I like the Once Upon a Time show and I am so excited for Hunger Games after just watching the trailer. Brett hasn't read those so it will be fun to take him to the movie.

  3. Mark and I are totally watching once upon a time. He makes fun of it the whole time, but deep down I know he loves it! Ha ha. I'm also excited for the Snow white with Kriten Stewart! Oh and did I understand right? Gale in Hunger games and the guy who plays Thor are brothers? No wonder they are both so cute!