Friday, March 18, 2011

Mr Darcy, Community, Mission Bells & Utah

You know what happens when you never finish any of your blog posts? You get one post full of bits & pieces. Sorry.

I started doing a post after the Oscars about Colin Firth. I was so happy with all the extra coverage with him. Here is one of my favorites...

He was also on Inside The Actors Studio, which is also delightful. His smile & laugh still have me swooning 15 or is it 16 years later.

In other exciting news I just finished watching the first season of Community. I started watching at the end of the first season so I am all caught up & I am very excited it got renewed for season 3.

Even more exciting I am going to go see Jane Eyre today!

You may remember me posting about Coeur De Pirate in my French Lessons post. Coeur De Pirate is BĂ©atrice Martin and she has teamed up with Jay Malinowski to form Armistice I had their song Mission Bells playing in my head for days. I guess my grandma's love for mariachi bands rubbed off on me. 

In sadder news I was in Utah this past weekend for my uncle's funeral. Although I do have many thoughts & feelings about my uncles death, this is just not the post for that. On a happier note I just wanted to share one thought I had while on my trip. I realized how thankful I am for blogs while on my trip. I not only got to see family but a few of the girls I was companions with on my mission. As I was talking to Nadja she asked who I still kept in contact with, everyone I named had blogs. And when I saw Jill she talked about how she reads my sisters blog, they both love vintage. She took Debbie & I to an estate sale, it so much fun to hang with Jill & Debbie together.
The same with my family I gravitated towards the ones who I had contact with either with blogs or facebook. Say what you will about social networks I am grateful to have a way to feel apart of my friends and families lives I don't get to see very often.

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  1. Now I feel guilty about not keeping up my blog. Poop. I'll try to get on it.