Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Time Keeps On Slipping

Monday I won tickets to see Pete Yorn & Ben Kweller in concert. It kind of blew my mind when I realized it had been 9 years the last time I had seen either of them in concert.

Here is a picture of Pete Yorn I took at Coachella 2002

And a picture of the CD Jacket Ben Kweller singed when he came to Tempe in 2002.
Seeing these guys again brought back a lot of memories...Like driving & Lauren saying that she needed to Sha Sha again. Or being at the Porterhouse (yes I found the old website) and hearing Chris play Falling on the  piano. Or when we bought Pete Yorn"s first CD (yes remember CD's) based on looks alone, no we are not shallow. Or when we were at the first Pete Yorn concert in Tempe not Coachella & Debbie coming up to me asking for money so she could buy the opening band's (Minibar) CD, convincing me by saying "come talk to them Connie they are British". Needless to say we bought their CD, being the suckers for accents that we are.  

Listening to Ben was fun because his music has grown up as we have grown up, I just looked it up and we are in fact the same age. Both Pete & Ben look a lot the same did not seem to age much at all, the jerks :). 

Also a year ago today Mimi, Chelsea & I embarked on our European adventure. 

Today I was invited to go to Williams school as a "special guest" and have lunch with him in his class. It was so fun to see have him show me around his class room & I also got my very own one of these.

Guys where has the time gone, how did he get so big?

Time exists just on your wrist so don't panic - Travis
Don't waste time or time will waste you - Muse
Closing walls and ticking clocks - Coldplay
All these places have their moments - The Beatles

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  1. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that valentine from William! SO GREAT! However, I would like to know where all his beautiful hair has gone! :( I love his hair! Tell him to grow it back.