Tuesday, February 2, 2010

It must have been fate

Stephanie Perkins is having a giveaway and look and how wonderful it is. Go here and enter. Mimi & I saw this P&P it might have been while in line to meet Scott Westerfeld and both wanted it. Stephanie is right who cares if I already have two copies of P&P I still want this one as well.
I am pretty sure I love Stephanie Perkins and it has nothing to do with the giveaway.
I briefly met Stephanie Perkins at Project Book Babe and after found her blog and started following it. It is one of my favorite blogs she is always cracking me up and filling my need for HBM (hot British males). Some may or may not know that a few years back Mimi & I decided that we needed British boyfriends and planned to go to the UK our theme became "UK All The Way". Back in October I was thinking about how much I love the french language (see post) and thought what I really need is a British boyfriend who speaks french. Then I remembered that Stephanie's book which comes out this year takes place in Paris & I was pretty sure her hero was British as well. I made sure to verify and it is true he is British and speaks french, oh la la! And now Mimi, Chelsea & I are going to London, Paris & Scotland in 13 days. And Stephanie just got back from living in Paris this last month and her blog has given us all sorts of good ideas of places to visit. Check out Stephanie's blog it is a grand time & with her book coming out it is going to start getting extra exciting!

As part of the give away Stephanie asked to put one or more of your favorite kissing scenes, I loved hers on her blog and decided to add a few more.

Dear Frankie (oh the sexual tension)

Never Been Kissed (you might want to skip to the 4 min. mark)

Pushing Daisies

Practical Magic (this is really bad quality)

There is a great movie called The Magic of Ordinary Days which has a great kissing scene but alas I could not find it on youtube.

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