Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Happy Birthday Debbie

With five older brothers we were destined to become friends...

Doing all the things that girls like to do...

We always shared everything, from clothes, a cell phone, a car, our friends and... maybe even a few crushes along the way... We share a strong love for our family.

A strong love of singing and dancing.

Thank you for not only being my sister but my best friend, I love you. Happy 25th Birthday


  1. Aww, that was so sweet. You two are so sweet and special. I loved looking at the pictures, what a blessing you two have each other.

  2. I LOVED this post!! SO CUTE! I've always admired the friendship you guys have ALWAYS shared... even though I didn't believe you guys were really sisters till I went to your house! :) I Love the picture of you two and Jenny in your 80's dress!


  3. "In my head it sounds like you two are sisters, but I know you're not..."

    So different and yet so the same. You guys compliment each other perfectly and are the cutest. Happy birthday, Debbie. :)

  4. I freakin' love this song!!!!

  5. what a lovely post about your cute little sis! you guys are 2 of the cutest sisters in the world! love you!

  6. That was such a great post. I'll never forget my mom using you and Debbie as an example of sisters who can be great friends, when trying to break up quarrels between Julie and bad it never worked. She would just talk you up so much which made both of us want to hang out with the two of you even more, not with each other. You two are a unique pair and I love you both. Thanks for lots of happy memories. Except I was hoping you forgot about the 80's dance...I didn't know you had pictures. Yikes! Well I did win best costume and got to dance to Dancing Queen.