Saturday, February 28, 2009

Born To Rock

It all started with the music video for the song "My Eyes" by my favorite band Travis. In the video Fran (the lead singer) is wearing a t-shirt that says Born To Rock. As soon as I saw it I wanted a shirt of my own. To my joy they had the t-shirt for sale when we saw them in concert in LA. Here I am wearing my Born To Rock t-shirt standing next to Dougie from Travis.

Well a few months after the concert I was signing up for an online forum and needed a screen name, I choose Born To Rock. While looking for a signature one day I stumbled upon this cartoon by Tony Carrillo aka F Minus.
It was just so perfect, I had been a fan of F Minus for years. Tony Carrillo the cartoonist is a Arizona native and will soon be a brother in law to my brother in law Russ's brother (did you get that?).

Well today Changing Hands (the bookstore) was having a Super Hero Day. Where Tony was going to be doing drawings and there would be other super hero stuff. I went with Debbie, Russ & the kids, William dressed up in his Super Man PJ's. Russ caught up with Tony as Tony drew a picture of the family, William was the super hero of course. When it was my turn I told Tony about how I had found the born to rock cartoon and how all my friends had loved it. I did not tell him about why I picked the name & had a t-shirt. So you can understand my surprise as I watched him write on my picture Born To Rock just like my t-shirt. It was such a magical moment, and so cool to have a drawing of myself done by the artist of my favorite comic strip.

Funny how something so small can just make you so happy.

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  1. it always warms my heart when i see pictures of you from that concert. youre as happy as anybody could be...