Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Something Very Important

A few month back my ear phones broke, I could not have that so I ran to the apple store to get some new ones. I can not remember how much they cost but it was ridiculous (I just tried to look it up online it doesn't even say, because they are ashamed). From there I headed over to Best Buy and called Mimi to ask her how much her green ear phones or ear buds as she calls them cost. She couldn't remember but was sure it was no where near the ridiculous price of the apple store. I found the JVC Gumy earphones and decided to go with the blue ones at 9.99.
Then a little less than a months ago my friend Jenny wanted me to listen to a song so she pulled out her ipod and ipod earphones. I put them in my ear and almost cried out in pain, they were huge and hurt my ear. And a few weeks ago I let Debbie borrow my ipod but she forgot that I had given her my ear phones so she pulled out her ipod ear phones. She discovered after listening for hours her hears would hurt, until she found my blue ear phones. Russ did not believe there could be a real difference so we held them to each other, the difference was significant. So all you ipod owners it is very important that you know that your ears don't need to hurt by the overly large standard ipod earphones. I am sorry I did not tell you sooner.


  1. this post made me laugh out loud. first, i didnt know anyone said earphones, anymore. second my little green ones STILL hurt my ears. i need minibuds. third it was $35 for the big ones.

  2. ah, i too discovered the pain of the ginormous apple earphones and yes I still call them that and 2nd I use these earphones called skull candy they arent as comfy looking as those once you have but a huge improvement