Sunday, July 6, 2008

Back to you

I have these two friends Melanie and Melissa we use to work together and although it has been almost two years since we have worked together we have stayed close. We all love The Office and during the season we meet at Melanie's house and watch it together. On one of these nights a few months ago there was discussion about movies I had not seen (There Will Be Blood & No Country for Old Men) but I felt a need to contribute to the conversation so I said, the girl in No Country for Old Men is married to Dougie the bass player from Travis. Melanie laughed and said everything always comes back to Travis & Muse. Then her husband Jeff asked if Travis and Muse were connected I told him no, only by my love.

I wonder if Melanie was aware of how true that statement was. Today while at church a friend asked me what I thought of Travis's new EP another friend only heard us talking about music and asked me if we were talking about Muse. I had to laugh and say no Travis he responded with oh yes your real number one.

I started this blog September of 2007 and have done a total of forty four posts (including this one) in those forty four posts I mention Travis, eleven times (counting this post) & Muse, five.

Just to prove that I am not the only one who loves Travis & Muse here is a fan made video I found on youtube called Travis & Muse - Can't take my eyes off of you

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