Friday, January 4, 2008

We Hail Christian Bale

My friend Lindsey wrote that in my year book, funny how it is still true after almost eight years.

While wrapping Christmas presents a few weeks ago I was watching Little Women and was reminded of how much I love Christian Bale, he is such a great actor. I began to wonder of all his roles which one is my favorite I still have not come up with an answer, what do you guys think?
A) Jack Kelly (Newsies)

B) Thomas (Swing Kids)

C) Laurie (Little Women)

D) Batman/Bruce Wayne (Batman Begins)

E) Alfred (The Prestige)

Is there anything this guy can't do? He sings he dances he can play the dream guy, bad guy, super hero basically he is amazing.

Here is a preview for The Dark Knight

Can't wait!!!


  1. It really is hard to choose. He's just so amazing. I will probably hail Christian Bale for years to come. He can do no wrong.

  2. this guy's been all over the place,

    batman might be my favorite.

    the next one should rock, i do believe.

  3. hey, i found your blog! yes, i'm that good. and yes, you forgot one:

    Empire of the Sun, Christian Bale's first and arguably, Spielberg's best.

  4. I know it's not Thomas, I hate Thomas

  5. I personally like Christian Bale as Jack Kelly and Thomas. Not really sure about the others.