Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Out With The Old In With The New Part 7

Today I typed 2012 instead of 2014, I am not sure if it was just a typing error or if I am just that in denial that is twenty fourteen.
As the year was coming to a close I tried to think what my favorite movies of the year were in preparation for this post. I could only think of two off the top of my head, Austenland and Catching Fire but I told myself not to worry I was bound to think of more when I looked over the list of 2013 movies. Unfortunately nothing really changed after I wrote the list of movies I saw.

Big surprise here but Austenland was definitely my favorite you can pre-order the DVD here

Next was Catching Fire, I don't think I've watched Huger Games again but I would go see Catching Fire again. It has been years since I read Catching Fire but I think this is one of the best book to movie adaptions I have ever seen.

Also can there be a spin off movie that is just about Ceaser Flickerman, Stanley Tucci is the best.

Movies that I liked but didn't necessarily love were Saving Mr. Banks & The Host.

2014 seems to be a more promising year.

Christopher Nolan has a new movie coming out so how could it not, right! Interstellar

Wes Anderson has The Grand Budapest Hotel coming out as well

X-Men: Days of Future Past

Should I keep going? Do you guys want to watch trailers all day?


Monuments Men


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