Friday, September 20, 2013

Team Adam Lives On

Do you remember how a couple years ago Gayle Forman author of If I Stay and Where She Went did a contest for a Team Adam design to put on buttons and my design won? Well Gayle emailed me to ask me about using the Team Adam design for a new line of t-shirts she is doing for her books. Well the site is up and the t-shirts look so great and there are tote bags! Can a girl have to many tote bags? I think not.

I am so excited for Team Adam to live on! The movie for If I Stay is getting cast right now and I am actually really excited about the casting so far.
 Mia is being played by Chloe Moretz she posted this picture on Instagram of her practicing the chello! Love!
Adam is being played by Jaimie Blackley who I had just noticed in the trailer for And While We Were Here

It is crazy to me how much he actually looks like Adam and he really does play the guitar and sing.

There are more pretty shirts for all of Gayle's books. Look at all the pretty!!


  1. That is awesome to see your design continue to be used.

  2. That is seriously so cool that your design is going to be on t-shirts. It's going to be hard for me not to say, "my friend designed that!" when I see girls wearing them. And also, why did that movie have to be about a girl having an affair?! Why can't love stories just be love stories with unattached people in them any more? It looked so good and sweet, but of course she had to be married. They couldn't even make the other guy just a boyfriend or something?! Dang it.

    1. Lindsey I know I feel the same way, it looks like such a beautiful film but I HATE AFFAIRS. Well chances of seeing someone wearing a team Adam shirt are probably slim but maybe I will carry around buttons in case I see someone. :)