Friday, March 15, 2013

A Red Mountain, A Salt River & A Fort

Our office was closed President's day and Debbie wanted to take her kids to do something so we discussed ideas and settled on going exploring by Coon's bluff were we had been repelling when we were in high school. Well found a little park area on the way there and decided to check it out instead. 


We walked along the Salt River, found some sticks and played Harry Potter, Jungle Book, and I was a giant chasing Joe he would turn around and swing his wand at me. While Debbie and Joe went back to the car to get food William, Gracie and I built a fort using fallen branches. Debbie and Russ did not get a dog they were just dog sitting for a lady from church.


  1. Hi there! Do you know specifically where this park area is? It looks amazing!

    1. You take Power road till it turns into the beeline the park is right after the roads starts heading east rather than north.