Friday, March 15, 2013

A Birthday and Galentine's Day

March is about halfway over I better catch up on some things that happened in February. First there was Debbie's birthday I offered to throw a real birthday party after her not so comfortable roast birthday party but she just wanted to spend the day by herself they meet up for dinner with the family, which we did.

We got her some pretty books, Les Miserables and Jane Eyre.

Also in February we remembered to celebrate the most awesome holiday ever.
Some people don't get Galentine's day they think it is an anti-valentine's day, but it is not it is just a day to celebrate your lady friends. Debbie and I invited our best ladies to meet up for dinner at The Olive Mill where we ordered pizza at candy and enjoyed an evening in each others company. Debbie made bracelets for everyone and I made rice crispy treats in the shape of hearts and little cards to go with. It was great and I hope we keep up with this awesome holiday!

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