Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloweens Past

I love Halloween, not so much the haunted houses & spooky scary stuff but the fall part of it. Pumpkins (I love everything pumpkin from pie to shakes to waffles) & pomegranates we had a tree growing up I have missed it, but Debbie has one now! And the best part of Halloween is dressing up, I really do like to come up with costumes and dress up. This year my mom made me an AMAZING Mary Poppins costume, I only wish you could see it in person.

Here I am as Margo from The Royal Tennenbaums in 2002

(if you remember her hair was black when she found her real family)

Basically I wanted to wear a wig so I found one I liked and then decided to be a witch. My brother Mark had my mom make him a Robin costume.

Lauren as an umpa lumpa still blows me away so awesome! I was a flapper.

Here I am as Juno, I was very proud of how real my belly looked.

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