Saturday, October 9, 2010

Do you want to dance?

Although my sister Debbie & I are different in personalities we get along so well because we love so much of the same things, and we both really love to sing & dance. We will be driving in the car music playing but deep in conversation but both stop talking at the same time and sing one line of the song, it just has to be done. Why we pick the same lines to sing, who knows I guess it is just one of those weird sister things. I did a post on movies I love that have singing in them but are not musicals called Sing Sing Sing which you can see here.

We also love to dance and with Debbie pregnant it made me remember how when she was pregnant with her first child we use to have dance parties after Sunday dinner. And during that same time our friend Lindsey (who is one of the best dancers I know) was sad so Debbie & I put some music on and danced in our parents drive way to cheer her up. The picture below is a recreation we did to help Brett propose to Lindsey.

Pregnant Debbie dancing is a favorite of anyone who has seen it & don't worry I have a video for you to watch of Debbie dancing while she was pregnant with number 2 Gracie here
You're Welcome!
Also here are some of my favorite dancing scenes from movies that are not musicals.
Napolean Dynamite here

Thriller 13 Going On 30

17 Again - Bust A Move Here



Ferris Bueller Macht Blau - The German is for Russ!

Adventures in Babysitting



  1. Debbie pregnant dancing IS great! This is also a great post. Thanks for the compliment, by the way. And for dancing to cheer me up. :) You and Debbie have always been good at cheering me up. What about that time at my going away party when we were all standing around and we all stopped talking and starting dancing at the same time?! (Except poor little Lauren) That was awesome, too. We should have a dance party again and watch 500 Days of Summer sometime this week.

  2. i love you picks for dancing esepcially adventures in babysitting:) i checked out your sing sing sing post too and saw ryan gosling on there p.s. his older sister mandy served on temple square with my sister.

  3. I wish groups of people would randomly start dancing like some of these scenes more often! I don't know how many time I tried to reenact the Adventures in Babysitting when I was younger!