Saturday, May 22, 2010

Healed & Girls Night

You may have heard me mention Muse & it's lead singer Matt before. Well yesterday I saw a blog post about a gossip magazine running a story with a picture of Matt on a "date" with Kate Hudson.
How could he have forgotten he was mine... See Shannon Hale even said so. After posting the story on Facebook I had friends offering their condolences and even offering cookies & ice cream. Ok maybe I asked for the cookies, but I was just joking. But my sister in law Alison was so sweet she asked her mom to make me THE BEST COOKIES in the world. They are called Monster Cookies....
See how the love of my friends & monster cookies can make everything better! (sorry for the lack of makeup) But I think if you have friends who make you feel better when your fake rocker boyfriend starts dating someone else you are lucky indeed!

Friday was the Father & Sons camp out so with William & Russ gone Debbie & Gracie came over for a girls night/sleepover. After dinner I painted Gracie's nails.
See how happy/excited she is! And man I look so white next to her, well probably anyone.

Then Gracie painted my nails

And Debbie's nails as well...
Still excited!

She is telling Debbie she can't move, she needs to hold still.
After Gracie went to bed Debbie & I watched Leap Year. Debbie had not seen it after it was over Debbie said "It is like P.S. I Love You but he does not die at the end." Matthew + Ireland = Swoon!

Also I would just like to say that Gracie said to Russ when he came over "this is Connie she is my bestest friend." Victory!!!

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  1. What a fun girl's night. And monster cookies -- score!