Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Look of Joy

This year Mimi & Debbie told me at different times that their favorite Christmas song is Christmas Time by Smashing Pumpkins. I listened to the words more carefully, they were both right it is very fitting for how I felt about Christmas day.
My mom has decided to keep her mothers tradition of Christmas breakfast. We all met at my parents house at nine for a wonderful breakfast after everyone was done eating we were sitting around talking. I could not take it any more, I wanted to give my gifts. So I asked are we going to open gifts or what. My dad said they were just waiting for me to tell them it was time. It made me laugh, I guess I always have determined when it was time to open presents. Growing up on Christmas eve we (my siblings & cousins the Porters) would all sleep on the floor in our basement in sleeping bags. I would always wake up first and would try to wait as long as I could before waking everyone else, especially since my older brothers & cousins were not always happy about getting woken up. Well one year when I was still pretty young I came up with a plan I got in my sleeping bag head first started screaming that I was stuck, that woke everyone up. After one of my brothers pulled me out and made sure I was alright, they realized it was morning and that we could open presents. It was a genius plan, no one yelled at me for waking them up.

We watch the children playing Beside the Christmas tree The presents are wrapped up It's beautiful and secretly the gifts still hide The fun awaits for you inside

I remember dreaming Wishing hoping praying for this day Now i sit and watch them The little ones i love so excited by the wait And now the word is given It's time to peek inside It's time to let the toys out So anxious for your look of joy and delight Waiting for just your surprise

In case you didn't realize the words in blue were the lyrics to Christmas Time by Smashing Pumpkins. Here we (me and the kids) doing the Nativity. William was Joseph, Marie was Mary and I was the donkey. I heard Gracie start crying when Marie got on my back but I didn't think much about why.

Here is Gracie as a shepherd chasing after us crying because she wants to ride too.

Don't worry she was happy as soon as she got up on my back and performed the rest of the Nativity sitting on the donkey.

Bryant was a wise man and Conner was another Shepherd. I love this picture.

I love my family so very much, here is my dad dressed up as Santa, he dressed up for the special needs people my parents have spent the last year visiting every Sunday. It was so special to be able to see them love and serve those great people.

My mom asked if she always looks that short next to my dad.

So they didn't have Christmast Time for my little music player so here it is if you wanted to hear it.

Also I wanted to show off my new bookshelves!!! My sister told Mark about how I needed more bookshelves (after he asked something he could do for me). It is missing a couple shelves but don't worry I got an IOU with a card that is framed in the picture below. I am happy the two shelves are coming a little late otherwise I never would have got the awesome card. And I am not even going to explain the card here.

Also look at the beautiful Jane Austen books Debbie got me. Oh how I love them.

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  1. You forgot to mention that you always give the best Christmas gifts to your nieces and nephews. The Disney shirts were awesome.