Tuesday, December 29, 2009

I made Jacksper smile

Alright I am just going to warn you right now this in essence is a Twilight post. I saw some friends were going to go see the band 100 Monkeys in concert here today. Jackson Rathbone aka Jasper Cullen is a member of the band, but since I am way to much of a music snob to go to a concert when I don't know or like the band I wasn't interested in attending. But I saw that they were doing a free show/signing at Zia records at 3 pm. And although I wanted to go and see Jackson smile in person I had to work. But Melissa's little sister Stephanie decided to go, even all by herself because she is that confident and cool. But sadly for Steph the band was TWO hours late & she had plans at four. But luckily for Melissa and I they were two hours late so we went down after work. Just in time to miss the band playing and get in at the end of the line for signings.
When we got up to the band the first guy who I was going to call mohawk but just looked up his name, Jared was waiting. I asked if they were ready for the show tonight, the confirmed they were always ready to rock. Jared then asked my name and I told him Connie, he asked how to spell it. I smiled and said C-o-n-n-i-e Jackson then said something about him not being able to spell. Then Jared said something about how he understands sign language so I spelled my name in sign language and Jared signed something to me and asked if I caught it. "Thank you?" I asked, he then told me he signed thank you & something else which I don't remember. I then told him that I knew how to sing Yellow Submarine as I signed it. Jackson's face lite up with a smile and he shook his head in approval and said yeah. Then Jared began to sign along with me as we sang "we all live in a yellow submarine". It was a cute little moment singing "Yellow Submarine" & signing with the boys. We continued down the line and realized I didn't really get any pictures so I went back in front to get some pictures and Melissa said we should have been recording so we could have got you guys singing Yellow Submarine. They then started signing "Yellow Submarine" so I could get a picture. Aren't they just so cute!

I am happy I got this picture of Jackson smiling and it has Melissa in it! We don't know what the other boy (Ben) was pointing at.
I am not sure what is going on in this picture but I love how interested he looks in what Melissa is saying. This is the first attempt to take the picture of them signing Yellow submarine
But they just held the pose for the second picture. They are cute boys huh.

I am only posting this video for Melissa & Stephanie...I was just trying to see which signature was Jackson's.


  1. YAY! I love it! But, what about the whole sunset thing? I know I said something about how aren't they happy they came to AZ and it's cloudy (sarcastically, of course) & Jared was like, oh, yeah, look at that sky - or something like that, scarcastically. Basically, they didn't care that it was cloudy. Do you remember it better than I do??

  2. Oh, and I did end up remembering what he was pointing at. He was asking me if I wanted them to sign the actual CD's (I was holding them). I didn't, but I should have, I guess. Oh, well.

  3. All I heard was Jared saying something about how the clouds were making a pretty sunset. And I said yes I was admirring the pretty sunset while driving over there. I didn't hear the whole conversation.

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