Monday, December 1, 2008

Dancing for your pleasure

I was so excited for November and now it is December so how did it pan out? Well first was the release of two albums Travis's Ode To J. Smith & Little Joy's self titled album. Both were great, and let's be honest I had heard most of the songs before they came out anyway. But it was nice to have the whole thing legally.

A friend was asking me my thoughts on Travis's album, I am not the person to ask I love them too much to be objective. But as usual Fran said it better than I ever could..."Travis are an organic band. These records decide for themselves what they will be. They come to us out of the blue. We will always endeavor to make timeless music. My message is either get on the bus or get off because this bus is moving. Where? We don't know... But that's the best part.
All I know is that stating your taste says more about you than about us. I'm glad you enjoyed one of our records. Cherish it.
However if you can hear some difference in albums and songs then you are not listening closely enough... Since the very first song we recorded together till the last one, if you listen close enough you will hear our hearts pounding with every note played. That is what a hard core fan hears. I am happy to state this is what I am. I don't hear music any more. I hear heart and soul. I hear blood rushing.
I am the number 1 Travis fan.
Challenge me if you dare :)" - Fran Healy
Here is one I really like that I already did not blog about.

This is one of my favorite songs from Little Joy. For some reason it makes me want to watch a Doris Day & Rock Hudson film.

Quantum of Solace was not as good as Casino Royale, a car, airplane and boat chase were a little too much for me. But for an action movie it wasn't half bad but it was no Jason Bourne.

Last but not least was of course Twilight. I want to start off by saying I have heard people complain that the movie did not have this or it did not have that. Yes I know because it is impossible to cram a 500 page book into a 2 hour movie. It is like Pride & Prejudice I love the book and I love the 5 hour movie with Colin Firth that is very true to the book. But I also like the 2 hour not so close to the book adaption, because it captures the heart of the book. And truth be told if I am in the need of a little P&P hit I throw in the 2 hour version before I do the 5 hour.

My point being that although I did not think the movie was perfect I still love it because it captures the emotions I get when reading the book. If I let myself stop wishing for things that are never going to be in the movie I easily get swept up and feel the torture Edward feels, the surety Bella feels about her heart and the happiness Edward finds from that.
If you hate the books or hate the movie, I really would not waste your time trying to sell me your hate. Asking why I like Twilight is like asking why I love Jane Austen or why as a little girl I pretended to be Cinderella twirling around the ball with Prince Phillip...I don't know why like I also don't know why guys like Die Hard movies, Halo or Firefly but I have tried to be more understanding, ask Russ I watched the new Hulk with him. I would also like to say concerns are not the same thing as hate. If you would like to discuss concerns that is fine. I don't think people realize part of the reason I love Twilight so much is because of the friendships it has brought me. How could I not always love it?


  1. Awwwww!!!!!!!!! I feel the same way. I was telling Mimi the other day that I am so emotional/defensive about all things Twilight because it is more than just a book or movie to me. It is how I met all of you!

    So... I must admit... I have never heard a Travis song... (please still be my friend!) I am curious because you love them so much, so I think you should send me some of your favorites so I can hear them!

  2. I'm just glad I saw Twilight more than once because the first time I wasn't so sold on it. But it got better :)

  3. Oh and I think not liking it the first time had a lot to do with all the annoying screamers.

  4. I must say that I did like the Twilight movie. But as with all books turned into movies, the books always give me more pleasure than the movies. . .