Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Dream World Brought To Life

I had not watched Pushing Daisies before but after I saw the movie Miss Pettigrew lives for a day and became enchanted with Lee Pace I started watching episodes online. I could not believe what I was missing. The first season (cut short by the writers strike) just came out on Tuesday. Debbie, Russ, Mimi & I have been watching a disk a night. I don't know when a show has made me so happy.

First there is the ever charming Ned a shy pie maker...

Second is Chuck's wardrobe...Mom can you make me these dresses?

Third there have been a couple of songs...who doesn't know that I wish life was a musical?

Lastly there are two aunts one with red hair & the other with dark hair...When Debbie & I were young we use to talk about how we would be when we were widows. This is pretty much how we imagined it except the personalities need to be switched. I would have an eye patch and a shot gun Debbie would have a bunch of bird cages and a fridge full of cheese.


  1. i am laughing so hard at the thought you and debbie as the aunts... hilarity!

  2. is this show based off odd thomas? Also laughing at you and debbie as the aunts...

  3. Alexis, No this show is not based off of Odd Thomas, and I am a little confused by where that question came from?

  4. You MUST see the movie The Fall!!!

  5. HA! Mimi told me about you and Debbie being like the Aunts..thats all I see now when I watch the show!

  6. Is this not the BEST SHOW EVER????

    I have a massive crush on the Pie Maker... *sigh*