Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lauren's got a new talent

Lauren was down last weekend and told us she had a new hobbie she wanted to show us. Don't get me wrong Lauren is a girl with many talents but I half expected it to be magic tricks or something. I was rather shocked when she opened her case and pulled out this bad boy.

She was not happy about me video taping and I doubt she would be happy to know that I posted them. But she does not read my blog so I guess she will never know.

Hey Jude

I actually tried to play the accordion once and it was really hard to squeeze, play the piano with one hand, and push buttons with the other all at the sametime. Lauren I know you won't read this but I am very impressed and even more impressed that you taught yourself. So if anyone knows a band who is looking for an accordion player, you should let Lauren know.


  1. Piano---check

    She is pretty much my idol...i mean, how many people do we know that play that?!

  2. Lauren is funny, tell her I say hi! I hope you are doing well, I think you should die your hair to look like the Reese Witherspoon picture, hot!

  3. Yeah! The video finally worked on my computer. Bravo Lauren, that is awesome. I will be coming up with a party that will need an accordian in the background.